Beautiful Rooftop & Excellent Cocktails, a happy weeding at La Guarida! #CubaInsider

~ January 12, 2015 ~

For one year, Enrique and Odeysis have been building a terrace at the top of his restaurant, La Guarida, with an exceptional view on Havana Center and the Malecon.


The idea is to keep the restaurant exactly as it is – what could be better? – and to add a rooftop bar based on another concept with its own menu. The rooftop bar is specialized in new Premium Cocktails that can be savoured with new tapas.

The tapas menu were developed by a specialized Mexican Chief and the cocktails by two renowned Experts: Andy, the winner of the 2014 Havana Club Grand Prix Competition, from UK, and Scotty, an American living in Paris, the owner of the Dirty Dick, a tiki bar in Paris specialized in original Cocktails made with fresh fruits.


Thanks to Havana Club collaboration, Andy and Scotty came to Cuba last week to make the Cocktail Menu. They had to create 10 new premium Cocktails, including the two winners Cocktails that Andy did at the Havana Club Grand Prix (La Rosa Blanca & Piña de Plata), using only fresh ingredients we can easily find in Cuba.


After a week of hard work, the challenge has now been met, offering to the clients and the connoisseurs a choice of rare and delicate savours. They realized ingenuous mix of ingredients with many fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and syrups that I had never tried before.

Enrique and his team tasted the Cocktails, changed few little things and the Menu was complete! The ten Cuban Cocktails are rich in colors, flavours and textures. Then, Andy and Scotty taught the recipe secrets to the Guarida’s Cantineros (barmen).


Now, more than an iconic Cuban restaurant, la Guarida become one of the best place to drink premium original Cocktails in Havana!

It is hard to select my favorite Cocktails, but if I had to choose just some of them them it will probably be:

Cuban Trinity (Havana Club 7, sugar, lemon juice), honey, mint, peach marmalade.

Cuban Trinity (Havana Club 3, sugar, lemon juice), ice, Tio Pepe, Ricard, cloves.

Chivas Regal 12, lemon, pineapple, orange, ginger, sugar syrup and red wine.

Cuban Trinity (Havana Club 3, sugar, lemon juice), tomato, white Lillet, maraschino, striped nutmeg.

If you are passing through Havana, don’t miss it!

La Guarida

418 Concordia, La Habana, Cuba

+53 7 8669047